Felicia developed an early reputation for telling tales, particularly about her three older siblings. She apologizes profusely for any harmful intent this may have caused and was subsequently encouraged by her mother, a freelance writer, to put her overly active imagination to better use.

Felicia began writing stories and poems early on and completed her first novel by the time she graduated from high school. She subsequently joined her college paper and won the prestigious Scripps-Howard Foundation Journalism Scholarship based on her writing submissions.

After obtaining a Bachelor's in English Education, Felicia went on to become a teacher and in her educational career, was published numerous times for professional articles, but always felt compelled to return to the joy of writing fiction.

Felicia left teaching to join a New England-based police department where she was first introduced to the fascinating world of computer forensics. In the course of her law enforcement career, she received recognition from numerous agencies including the FBI for her work. She continues to work in the law enforcement field in the private sector and continues to write.

Felicia resides in the bucolic countryside of New England. She has a deep affection for her family, her friends, fine chocolates, and well-spun tales.