Back from Bouchercon

I'm back from the Bouchercon conference in Baltimore after a wonderful trip filled with great memories but alas, no Barry Award. My hearty congratulations to Megan Abbott for receiving the award for QUEENPIN. 

Still, it was a tremendous trip namely because I got to go with my sisters. Here I am with them the evening of the Barry Award:












Note the Black Widow Spider on my shirt courtesy of my good friend, Doreen, who sent that to me. It was perfect for the ceremony.

Here I am with my wonderful agent, Jill Grosjean along with author Tim Maleeny, who was nominated for a Macavity Award for "Best First Mystery Novel."











Tim, of course, was already prepared to either celebrate or console, Corona in hand. Sorry, Tim. Maybe next year...

Stay tuned to the Midnight Ink authors' blog, InkSpot, for more updates and photos from Bouchercon. It was a great turnout. I arrived home to a blaze of autumn color and a lot of leaves to rake. Leaves are turning, pages are turning and the conference left me with some new fans and a lot of great memories.