Wild Turkeys & Happy New Year

Despite a bit of a snowstorm here in New Hampshire, I made an early morning trip to the post office because a dear reader had sent a package of THE BLACK WIDOW AGENCY books to be signed as a gift and time was of the essence to get them returned. The plows had not had a chance to pass so the roads were a bit messy, but I'm quite used to driving in snowstorms. I've driven in everything from blizzards to total whiteouts and am none the worse for wear. There's no point living in New England if you can't make your way through a storm or two.

Here in the country, the post office opens at 7AM. The parking lot wasn't cleared, but the lights were on. The postmistress, who knows my affection for chocolate, laughed when I told her I could smell chocolate through the package. Sure enough, this kind reader included a treat of dark chocolate as a thank you. Many thanks back!

I signed the books and headed back towards home. By now, the plows had made one pass. The snow was banked up from previous storms, forcing me to drive more towards the middle of the road. I saw a truck with a plow coming in the opposite direction and realized he had come to a complete stop. I wondered why until I caught movement on the other side.

A pair of wild turkeys, who must have been foraging for new food sources because of the newly fallen snow, had wandered into the road. They were in no hurry, whatsoever, to move on. I came to a stop and waited patiently as they crossed from one side to the other. They retreated under scrub bushes, pecking away at berries that remained uncovered. The man in the truck and I shared a wave and a smile over their dominance. As it is and as it always shall be, Nature Rules!

Wishing all of my Readers, Friends and Family a Happy and Healthy New Year,