Women in Science & Technology Forum

Yesterday, I had the delightful opportunity to deliver the keynote address at USFIRST's "Women in Science and Technology Forum." (Here's the Union Leader article.) What a wonderful day it was. In the morning, I delivered my address and in the afternoon, did an hour-long presentation, "CSI vs. REALITY," to a filled auditorium.

The energy, warmth and curiosity of these young women, who came from all across the country, was truly inspiring. It harkened me back to my days of teaching when the students carried me through the day. I especially enjoyed getting to know many of these intelligent young ladies at lunch and in between sessions. Thanks for sharing stories and your chocolate cookies!

Also, many thanks to US FIRST for the invitation. I had a delightful time chatting with Cindy Randall, US FIRST's Director of Research & Development. Karen Sullivan and Colleen of US FIRST did a tremendous job of pulling this all together.

The incredible response to THE BLACK WIDOW AGENCY, I think, is largely because I've broken ground by creating characters who can level the technical playing field and play with what have traditionally been "the boys' toys." I challenge this group of young women to go beyond that and take their rightful places to make this world an even better place.

Felicia Donovan