When the Well Runs Dry

This writer's well has run dry. No, not the creative well which thankfully, continues to flow, but the real one - the one that is supposed to provide that precious flow of water everytime the tap is opened up. To be accurate, it hasn't completely gone dry which is a blessing, but it is near to empty with only a few inches of water to draw from.

How could such a thing have happened? Take a combination of Global Warming which most certainly has effected our rainfall averages this summer and an abundance of building permits being issued in what is a town watershed area, and lo and behold, the water supply has become precious and scarce.

Trying to find the positive out of this, I am grateful for the small bit of water that provides enough for a two-minute shower, chilly though it may be. I am grateful for the lesson we're learning in my house about conservation. I've developed a rather innovative system to capture any water that does fall including a bucket system for recycling dishwater and shower water for flushing. I am grateful for the small pool that will provide a backup flushing supply until it freezes over. Hauling buckets around is a good workout and hopefully, we'll see an abundance of rain over the next few months to replenish us through the winter. In the meantime, I'll explore options and we'll keep clean through the plentitude of friends and family who don't mind me visiting with bags of dirty laundry.

Stay tuned...