Cover Me

One of the most trepidatious moments for an author is when they are sent the mock-up of their book's cover. Contrary to what many may think, authors do not create their own covers. Most authors have no say in what their covers will look like, yet covers play a huge part in drawing potential first-time readers in.

The first book in The Black Widow Agency series was done by Ellen Dahl of Midnight Ink Books, who did a wonderful job in designing a cover that is eye-catching and captures the essence of the fab four femme fatales. Just the other day, I was sent a cover mock-up for the second book in The Black Widow Agency series, SPUN TALES, which is due out in July, 2008.

I applauded when I opened the image up. It's sexy and smart - a tad retro yet contemporary all at the same time. I suspect Ellen Dahl is behind this one, too. "Faboo!" Marcus would say.

I'm a writer, not an artist. My incredibly artistic daughter, Jess, has politely held her tongue as she's watched my stick figures emerge on paper. If I had done the cover, it would have ended up looking something like a hangman game. Midnight Ink Books seeks out author input on how they perceive their own covers. Descriptions in writing I can handle.

I'd love to give you a sneak peek, but sorry, you'll have to wait a tad longer... For now, it remains a mystery.