My apologies to everyone who has asked why I haven't blogged here of late. No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. Life has just become incredibly busy and I find the biggest challenge to be balancing all the demands.

On a great note, I received a very nice review from the folks at The Mystery Reader. "An unusual group of New England women, this fast read is entertaining, and there is something about the women that will make readers interested enough to look for their next adventure." Music to my ears and hopefully yours, too.

On another great note, following news of the Bitch-a-Thon which is spreading like wildfire, I was asked to guest blog over at BookFetish. Many thanks to Sheila Leitzel for that opportunity.

THE BLACK WIDOW AGENCY bookmarks have arrived! Thanks to the folks at Iconix, namely Kelley Cowan, for doing such a professional job. Several of my fellow Midnight Ink Authors recommended Iconix and now I know why.

Signings/Readings are being scheduled as we speak. Check the Official Felicia Donovan website for the latest postings under News/Media/Events.