"That" Moment

I'm woefully behind in posting to this blog for a number of reasons. No excuses, I'm just backed up on everything as the countdown to the launch nears.

Every author I've ever met has always spoken about "that" moment - the day when you get to hold your book for the very first time and all have expressed that there's nothing quite like it. I had heard that THE BLACK WIDOW AGENCY had come back from the press and was at Midnight Ink, but I had no idea when I'd actually see it. Lo and behold, I arrived home from work the other day to find an overnight envelope leaning up against my front door.

To make sense of this, I have to say that I am burning the candle at both ends lately and on that particular day, I had been up since 2AM trying to work on the third book in the series. Add exhaustion to a stressful work day and you can guess the kind of shape I was in when I arrived home. But there it was, an overnight package which I picked up and squeezed to see if it could be what I thought it was. Right size, right shape. I went in and laid the package on the counter and ignored it. That's right, I ignored it. I took care of the dogs and the house and everything else and just left it there for a while.

I know myself well enough to know when something will be too emotionally overwhelming and this - holding my book in my hands for the very first time, not just a cover picture or a proof but the real finished deal bound and beautiful - was simply too much to deal with. After a while, I did open the package. I took the books (two copies) and looked at them, felt their weight, read the acknowledgements page to make sure I got everyone - and then put them away.

The next day, I woke up refreshed. I grabbed the package, tucked a copy in my work bag to share with my co-workers, and went to work elated, delighted, awed, humbled and especially grateful for all the support I have and continue to receive from my friends, family, agent and the staff at Midnight Ink. Holding the book is like holding onto each one of your hands because you've all had a part in it...