Nancy Drew Days

I just returned from seeing Nancy Drew, the Movie, with my daughter and some friends. Two of us wanted to see the movie, two were dragged along somewhat reluctantly. It was a fun pic, definitely geared towards a more adolescent crowd, but it did capture the same disjointed plot the books were so well known for. At one point Nancy politely says, "Excuse me while I dispose of this bomb." I heard snickering and a groan from one of our parties at that, but that was exactly what the book version Nancy Drew would have said.

More importantly, I was glad to see there was still enough interest in ND to warrant the movie. If it brings about a new generation of ND fans, I'm all for that. I devoured the books as a young girl. No one observed clues like Nancy. I'll never forget that one summer when my brother's friend dropped off two shopping bags full of the yellow hardcovers. It was a treasure.

I doubt the movie will be nominated for any awards, but I'm still happy to know that Nancy Drew, an observant young sleuth whose curiosity leads her from one adventure to the next, will still be around to influence the next generation.